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2021-2022 Rehearsal Schedule

Concert Schedule

Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 7:15-9:15 p.m. in the Airport High School Band Room unless otherwise noted. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal or concert, please notify Valerie Ward at 803-622-5741 or valward79 at yahoo.com. Players must attend at least 60% of the rehearsals for a concert in order to play that concert. You can view the rehearsal attendance log to see how you stand.

All personnel must be fully vaccinated, must have recently started the vaccination process, or must provide proof of a negative covid test taken the week of each rehearsal.

You're welcome to take a music folder home after a rehearsal, but you need to sign it out and be sure to have it back at the next rehearsal, even if you are not there, either by sending it via a fellow band member or dropping it off at Airport High School and instructing the secretary to put it in the band director's mailbox. All folders must be turned in after each concert.

The schedule may be revised as needed to accommodate additions or changes. You can print this webpage, or there is also a PDF version available for download.

4  Rehearsal
11  Rehearsal
18  Rehearsal
25  No Rehearsal
2  Rehearsal
9  Rehearsal
16  Rehearsal
17  Concert
23  No Rehearsal
30  No Rehearsal
6  No Rehearsal
13  No Rehearsal
20  No Rehearsal
27  No Rehearsal
3  No Rehearsal
10  No Rehearsal
17  Rehearsal
18  Concert
24  Rehearsal
3  No Rehearsal
10  Rehearsal
17  Rehearsal
24  Rehearsal
31  Rehearsal
7  Rehearsal
8  Concert
14  No Rehearsal
21  No Rehearsal
28  Rehearsal
5  Rehearsal
12  Rehearsal
19  Rehearsal
26  Rehearsal
30  Rehearsal
30  Concert

*** The rehearsal on May 30 will be at 10:00am in Charleston. It is a required rehearsal and will be held at the Citadel Band Room.

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